Cancellation more than two weeks before first paid date of stay/check in:

-Security deposit and half of first month’s rent will be kept and client will be released from the remainder of the rent.

Cancellation within two weeks of firs paid date of stay/check-in:

Security deposit and first month’s rent will be kept and client will be released from the remainder of lease.

If client receives a property and cancels based on being unsatisfied, owner will rectify any issues immediately to satisfy client requests. (Example, an appliance begins to malfunction at check in, repair would be scheduled within 24 hours of notice and tended to as soon as professional is available. We have plumbers, appliance repairmen, electrician, flooring/carpentry, and a full time generalist handiman who are very responsive. )

Property should be presented in similar condition as to what is shown in pictures and 3D tours with ~5% in modest differences as we replace or upgrade rugs, decor or items within the home periodically to keep a fresh presentation.

If client has an unforeseen issue with a property, example an allergy of some sort, we will do our best to work with you to reassign you to another property equal to what you have selected. If pricepoint of listed new selection is a higher price than what you’ve currently selected and reason for relocating is client’s personal preference rather than false represenation in some way of the selected property; client will be responsible to pay the difference of the newly selected property.

In the case where an unforeseen event causes damage to a property before check in, we will do our best to present an equal or better property and not upcharge for the difference. (Examples: storm damage, water damage from frozen pipe, etc).

Ultimately, we want to present you a very clear and detailed view of the property you will be staying at so you know exactly what to expect before your check in. We do our best to work with housekeeping so our properties are staged similar to what we present in the 3D virtual tours and images on our site.

If something is not as you expect, please reach out to us immediately and we will tend to your to-do list to make sure you are happy and comfortable for your stay.