Summer Intern Furnished Housing 2019


Five units available and ten bedrooms for summer 2019 as of 12/18/2018. Last year we had to turn away a large number of interns and would like to plan to accommodate better this year. As our leases typically start at the date they become open when the last lease ends, the cost to reserve in advance (potentially losing out on longer term leases and having gap months) the cost is img_4584a more than if you waited to reserve for exact date these become open. Late spring and summer are high demand times where furnished housing availability is far less than demand. If you don’t book in advance you may end up paying higher daily rates at a hotel or motel.

The location of all of the units is in Appleton with quick Highway 41 access. Modest 20-25 minute commute to all Oshkosh locations.

Everything is included, full furnishing, house is stocked with all kitchen items, bedding, towels, etc. Smart TVs, WiFi and cable package, lawn care, parking and laundry are all included.

Intern may select a roommate in advance or sign up for one of the below options and have us introduce or pair with another in the same situation.  A unit is not reserved until a payment has been made. (We use’s preferred software app, but can also accept charge card payments via Square/Tile, PayPal or Cashier’s Check. We do not accept personal checks.)

In the event a roommate is not available your contract will be for next higher tier, and this will be written agreed to and understood in advance. For example your lease would read. “Cost of $5,500 for duration of summer will be charged in the event tenant is paired with 1-2 same sex flatmates with client entitled to their own room. Client is seeking dorm style arrangement and will be charged the lesser $4,000 per unit if a dorm-mate (two per bedroom) is found and approved by intern.”

Interns are welcome to simply book the full two-bedroom luxury apartment or two-bedroom house independently. Several leases currently being honored end on 5/1/2019, so we will likely have a vacant May in many cases in order to take summer-length contracts. If your start date is outside of June-September, we can accommodate custom dates while availability remains.

ENTIRE HOUSE/APARTMENT: $9,000 per person for the summer

OWN BEDROOM/1-2 SAME SEX FLATMATES: $5,500 per person for the summer

DORM STYLE, 2 PER BEDROOM/3-4 PER UNIT: $4,000 per person for the summer

*NOTE: Dorm-style arrangement includes common area deep cleaning 2x per month throughout length of stay.

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