Housing selections

Luxury Appleton 1,000+ square foot villas 

-ALL UNITS: Fireplace, dishwasher, wifi, cable, AC, utilities, spacious layout, new painting, floor and new furnishing throughout  in late 2017 and 2018.

-508: Penthouse upper two bedroom, 1.5 baths; stainless steel appliances, in unit laundry and modern design.  (Pictured directly below 508 images).

-506: Upper two bedroom, 1.5 baths; extra large master bedroom and traditional design. Monthly cost range $2,000-$2,500 (Pictured below is unit 506).

-504: Lower two bedroom: Three flat screens, granite countertops, walk out patio; farmhouse theme. Highest amount of luxury upgrades.

-502: Lower two bedroom, one bathroom; large master bedroom, walk out patio; industrial theme.

Appleton Duplex

-Upper two bedroom

-Lower two bedroom

See slideshow below for images. Both appointed with King and Queen beds. Lower is quite spacious with large entry sitting area and hardwood floors. Stairs to upper are a bit steep, but comfortably appointed with added feeling of safety provided by upper level. Both units have private laundry.

Two-Bedroom House


Farmhouse Theme
Hardwood floors
Daybed with trundle in second bedroom
Master bedroom with TV and mini walk in closet..

Two-bedroom house under renovation July 2018, ready for renters August 1, 2018 and beyond. Farmhouse theme with all newly purchased furniture, bedding, mattresses, etc. Hardwood floors just refinished throughout house. Total square footage 720 — this is our smallest unit, but space is well used with large comfortable living room area. Second bedroom is small with daybed with main bedroom having queen set. One bathroom, private laundry in basement.

NOTE BASE PRICING is 4+ months, no pets with one-two people. Pricing variable up from base rate, typically most stays run between $2,000 and $2,500 per month with winter start dates and $2,500 to $2,800 per month with May/June starts. Length of stay, demand, time of year, number of people and pets all determine quoted prices.

For more information contact Laura Ritchie by text message at (920) 427-5683 or e-mail laura@apcoho.com.

Duplex slideshow:

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