When you secure your reservation with first month rent, security deposit and relevant cleaning and pet fees, we immediately hold this property unavailable to other guests. This means that we may pass up opportunities to book those who want this property for a time period that could have been many months or even a year.

Once you have made a payment for a property you are blocking off our calendar for said property and making it unavailable to other guests. When you secure your initial dates at a property you are agreeing to lease with us for the term contracted.

If your plans or desires change for some reason before your stay, we will release you from the full length of your requested lease under the following terms:

Cancellation with two or more weeks remaining before check in:

In the event that you cancel your reservation two full weeks before your check in date you will be responsible for half month’s rent and security deposit. In other words, we will refund you any fees (such as cleaning or pet) and half of the first month’s rent paid. Half of your first month’s rent and your full security deposit will be kept.

Cancellation within two weeks or less of check in:

In the event you cancel your reservation within two weeks of check in you will be responsible for the full first month’s rent and security deposit. If you paid any additional fees such as cleaning or pet fees these will be refunded to you.

Please understand we are not a hotel with hundreds of rooms, if you reserve for a time period, you are securing and blocking our potential to rent a good portion of our inventory to others and we will need ample time to refill a cancelled unit, thus the reason for the policy above. We do recognize plans change, this is why we are flexible in releasing clients from the remainder of their lease with no further penalty beyond initial month (or half month’s rent) and security deposit.

Thank you for reviewing our policy!