Vice President of Operations – Greg Brooks

Greg Brooks, Greg heads the day to day business of managing our construction team, as well as leading projects, remodels, and tenant repair needs for the business. From engineering project solutions and plans, to participating in hands on custom carpentry and remodeling, there is no problem that Greg doesn’t tackle with ease for the business. He coordinates all of our professional services and makes sure all elements of the business are going smoothly. Brooks exclusively runs our technology and responds to tech-related issues our tenants may have from lock codes to WiFi support. With remote access to change locks for our guests, as well as remote WiFi access to reset and troubleshoot Greg is able to handle and resolve most requests immediately for our guests. To reach Greg Brooks directly email or call 920.522.2354.

Director of Hospitality – Megan Brooks

Megan directs our hospitality division, scheduling our housekeeping crew, managing our restocking of units, inspecting units between guests for issues, and resolving issues and requests our tenants have related to cleaning, maintenance and general client happiness. Megan makes sure when our guests arrive they not only have a place to stay, but that all the details are in order for their arrival. Megan also is highly involved in the finishing and light remodeling aspects of remodeling, purchasing, and bringing our design themes to life. From creating custom cabinet door design to procuring the perfect items in your welcome baskets, Megan adds the special touches to our units to delight our guests. To reach Megan directly email or call 920.570.5765.

Head of Reservations – Elaina Granada

Elaina handles guest bookings, updates our reservation calendar, handles lease writing, management, and working with tenants throughout the booking process. She leads all office related items including keeping up with invoicing or client receipts on request and light accounting. To reach Elaina directly contact or call our business line at 920.507.5683 to inquire about a booking.

Housekeeping, Special Projects and Translator

Carmen Leon has helped our business grow with her attention to detail and dedicated work on our projects since our beginning. She’s been involved in the remodeling processes, painting projects, and assists in contract negotiations with our hispanic guests. She keeps things in top shape as our main person who handles housekeeping and the many details to make a home ready between guest stays.

Construction Project Specialists – Moises Rodriguez

Moises is our on site talent with a tremendous array of specialized skills in custom carpentry, roofing, siding, building/framing, drywalling, detailed tile work, plumbing and electric. His talents within the field of construction are seemingly limitless and he help us bring our company design ideas to life on a daily basis.

Interior Design Specialist – Sydney Ritchie

Interior Design Specialist – Sydney Ritchie brings innovation and inspiration to the job site, incorporating design themes into our corporate housing portfolio. She creates mood boards, procures some of the furnishing and decor, and helps bring a theme to life. She additionally helps coordinate restocking supplies so our housekeeping team has everything they need to replenish a home between guests.

Housekeeping Services – Nellie Tejeda

Nellie provides excellent housekeeping services and assists on special projects for our team.

Heating and Cooling Specialist – Luke, owner of 3rd Gospel Heating and Cooling, is our go-to specialist related to all things heating and cooling. While Luke is not a member of our team exclusively, we are a priority customer, and he sends his team out in record times to troubleshoot any issue in this regard our tenants may have.

Owners – Laura and Brian Ritchie

Laura Ritchie started (DBA) Appleton Corporate Housing in 2015 and has been a leader in providing mid-term fully furnished housing in Northeast Wisconsin. Formerly a magazine publisher, executive for NBC Sports, co-founder of the Wisconsin Sports Network and serial entrepreneur, Ritchie always has a few new projects on deck. Brian Ritchie is a retired military veteran of the Army National Guard, formerly head of the state’s retention division.

The Heavy – Nicholas Ritchie

We needed to add son Nick to our team. Currently playing on the defensive line for Xavier High School and employed as a landscaper, Nick moves heavy stuff for us. Now that he’s on the website, he will need to up his game and move more heavy stuff.