Service Team

Laura and Brian Ritchie – Owners and property managers.

Laura will be the point of contact in booking your travel arrangements and responding to any requests that come up during your stay. Brian and I have two children, ages 12 and 14, and for my real job I help sports publishers around the nation monetize their content by working with brands to find sponsorship and advertising opportunities for NBC’s Sports Engine.

Sergeant First Class Brian Ritchie is the state’s retention man for the Wisconsin Army National Guard. You may meet Brian if you have an issue with your cable, wi-fi, air conditioning or other Saturday night request that I can’t figure out.

My cousins are our property generalists, rehab specialists, painters, landscapers, flooring installers, and all-around troubleshooters. Keeping our business in the family, John handles a lot of the handyman projects; his wife Debbie provides painting and cleaning services; young Master Cole at the tender age of 15, provides lawn mowing and landscaping services.

Sydney Ritchie, age 14, is our assistant interior design specialist.

Nicholas Ritchie, age 12 is our chief technology officer and frequently helps tenants with their cable and WiFi issues.

Mary Petzold, my mom or Grandma Mary, is our procurement specialist and landscape artist. I’m adding her to the site in hope she’ll show up one weekend to make our apartment lawn pretty. Her procurement title is the official go ahead to find cool pieces of furniture for me to refurbish.

Our family looks forward to serving yours the next time you’re in the need for fully furnished housing with all the amenities here in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Warm Regards,

Laura Ritchie